Georgia/Carolinas PCI is governed by our bylaws, policies and a Board of Directors representing each of our producer
member companies and two representatives elected by our associate members.

Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Vice Chairman, the Secretary/Treasurer
and the Executive Director. The Executive Committee oversees the financial and operational goals as set forth in the
association bylaws and may act in place of the Board of Directors between board meetings.

Chair: Rob Smith, Tindall Corporation
Vice Chair: William Mako, Atlanta Structural Concrete Company
Secretary/Treasurer: Richard Potts, Standard Concrete Products, Inc.
Executive Director: Ray Clark

Board of Directors:

  • Atlanta Structural Concrete Company – William Mako
  • Coastal Precast Systems – Chris Arca
  • Coreslab Structures (Atlanta) Inc. – Richard Burke
  • Faddis Concrete Products - Jerry McNeal
  • Florence Concrete Products, Inc. – Sherry Jones
  • Forterra Building Products – Dwain Hamby
  • Gate Precast Company – Travis Fox
  • Metromont Corporation – Chuck Gantt
  • Prestress of the Carolinas – Jeff White
  • Smith-Columbia – Scott Hicks
  • Spring Precast LLC - Han C. Wu
  • Standard Concrete Products, Inc. – Richard Potts
  • Tekna Corporation – Eric Deierlein
  • Tindall Corporation – Rob Smith
  • Utility Precast, Inc. – Travis Overcash

Associate Directors:

  • Russell Gray - Nawkaw
  • Mark Scott - Innovative Brick