Bridge Design

Precast is utilized to construct both the superstructure and substructures of all types of bridges. Superstructures include: flat slabs, adjacent box beams, pretensioned beams, spliced and curved girders. Whereas substructures include: precast end bents, piles and pile bent caps, water line pile caps with a CIP columns and precast columns.

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Bridge Systems  

Beam Sections and Properties

PCI has developed and proved common Super Structure systems and Beam Shapes and section properties:

There are number of different beams shapes in the U.S. Market. PCI has developed Preliminary Design Charts in accordance with the AASHTO. 2010. AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, Fifth Edition with 2011 Interim Revisions. The below chart is a sample of those products. The charts can be accessed in Preliminary LRFD Design Charts.

Products Charts
AASHTO box beams Charts BB-1 through BB-10
AASHTO box beams BT-1 through BT-4
Deck bulb-tees DBT-1 through DBT-2
AASHTO I-beams IB-1 through IB-6
NEXT Double-tee beams NEXT-1 and NEXT-6
U-Beams U-1 through U-5