PCI Chapter Events

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WEB201203Better Design Through Embodied Carbon with Precast Concrete12/03/20Now that architects have a good understanding of environmental impacts related to energy use, the next design frontier in tackling climate change is reducing the embodied carbon in buildings. This webinar will focus on best practices for determining the embodied carbon in a building, including credible sources for embodied carbon data. It will introduce common practices and misconceptions about comparisons of embodied carbon. A case study will be presented that highlights how design decisions may be influenced when comparing among up-front carbon, use-phase carbon, or whole-life carbon. The presentation will highlight existing tools related to quantifying embodied carbon.12/3/202012/3/2020WEB201203
MA2021WINBPCI MA Board Meeting01/28/21 1/28/20211/28/2021MA2021WINB
MA2021WINMPCI MA Winter Annual Meeting01/29/21 1/29/20211/29/2021MA2021WINM