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Awards Programs

PCI has several awards, recognition, and honors programs.  

PCI Awards Policy

Luncheon Program

To view the 2016 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference luncheon program video, click here.

Organization Awards

PCI Design Awards

For more than 50 years PCI has conducted a Design Awards competition for North America. Each year more than 100 projects are submitted in several categories.

PCI Certification Awards

PCI Certification is one of the most widely specified and trusted certification programs in the construction industry. Each year PCI recognizes plants that have reached specific milestones such as 25 years of being PCI Certified.

PCI Safety Awards

Each year, PCI’s Plant Safety and Environmental Committee collects and analyzes Producer Member’ accident data from the previous year. Awards are given to plants that have had zero Days Away and Restricted Time (DART), Total Case Incidence, and Lost Workdays Incidence for the previous year, based on total employee categories.

Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Award

The Craftsmanship Award recognizes PCI-certified plants for excellence in manufacturing and craftsmanship of architectural precast or glass fiber-reinforced concrete structures and individual components. Judging is based on success in overcoming obstacles to production; solutions to formwork or finishing challenges; and quality of individual units. 

Learn more about the Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Awards         

T. Henry Clark Award

The T. Henry Clark Award was relaunched in 2016. It was previously given to the PCI Producer Member with the highest score from the QA 2020 Vision Program Self-Assessment (now known as the Exceptional Precast Practices program). The award now recognizes an individual, group of individuals, or a firm that has delivered a resource that improves or enhances the quality of precast/prestressed concrete products or processes.

Note: The T. Henry Clark Award is a PCI Member Award

PCI Associate Member Award 

This award is presented each year to an Associate member in recognition of significant contributions to PCI and our Industry over a period of years.

The 2015 Associate Member Award was awarded to BASF at the 2016 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.       

Award recipients

Individual Awards

PCI Journal Awards

Throughout the years PCI has developed a number of prestigious awards to honor authors of exceptional contributions to our prized publication, PCI Journal.

The Martin P. Korn Award, named in honor of PCI’s first Executive Director, recognizes the paper offering the greatest contribution to the advancement of precast prestressed concrete technology in research and design.

The Robert J. Lyman Award, named in honor of PCI’s third president, recognizes the paper offering the greatest contribution to the advancement of plant production, site erection, or general construction of precast concrete structures.

The George D. Nasser Award, named for former PCI Journal editor emeritus, recognizes papers relating to the design, research, production, or construction of precast concrete structures from authors who are 40 years of age or younger.

The Charles C. Zollman Award was originally established in 1981 as the State-of-the-Art Award, and was renamed to honor PCI’s first Technical Activities Committee chair. It recognizes meritorious papers that advance the general understanding and knowledge of precast prestressed concrete by bringing together all available knowledge of a specific topic in a single report.

The T.Y. Lin Award, which is given by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Professor T. Y. Lin, an eminent prestressed concrete pioneer, endowed the award to ASCE in 1968 to recognize outstanding engineers and their contributions to the field of prestressed concrete. The award is presented each year to the best paper written or coauthored by members of ASCE in the various publications of ASCE, PCI, and the American Concrete Institute during a 12-month period.

Educator Awards

PCI has two educator awards.

Distinguished Educator Award

Recognizes educators in the fields of engineering, architecture, and construction technology who have made significant and sustained contributions to the precast concrete structures industry.

Educator Achievement Award

Recognizes educators who are making significant contributions to the precast concrete structures industry early in their careers. 

Leslie D. Martin

The Leslie D. Martin Award shall be made for a PCI published document judged to be technically outstanding and most worthy of special commendation for its merit as a contribution to the advancement of precast/prestressed concrete. This award of merit is open to all PCI committees or subcommittees publishing a technical report in one of the following four categories:

  • State-of-the-Art Reports
  • Recommended Practices
  • Specifications
  • Any other Technical Report or Publication

The technical report may cover topics of research, development, design, construction, production or erection. All nominations shall be in writing with supporting reasons and sent to

The award will be presented during the Annual PCI Committee Days and Membership Conference.

 Mario J. Bertolini 

The Mario J. Bertolini Leadership & Innovation award was established by PCI to honor renowned engineer Mario Bertolini who passed away in 2014. The award recognizes individuals who, while in senior management positions of PCI Producer Member firms, consistently exhibited the personal and professional traits exemplified by Mr. Bertolini. 

The 2015 Mario J. Bertolini award was awarded to Robert Finfrock at the 2016 PCI Convention & National Bridge Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

View List of Mario J. Bertolini Recipients

Norman L. Scott 

Norman L. Scott Professional Engineer award recognizes an engineering professional who exhibits the personal and professional character traits that engineer Norman Scott exemplified. 

The 2015 Normal L. Scott award was awarded to Helmuth Wilden at the 2016 PCI Convention & National Bridge Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The 2018 Norman L. Scott Award is now accepting nominations. Click here to view the nomination form. Questions and completed nomination forms should be directed toward Laura Bedolla at

View List of Norman L. Scott Recipients

 PCI Fellows

PCI Fellows are nominated by the Fellows Nominating Committee and confirmed by the Board of Directors. They are current or former PCI members who have made outstanding contributions to the precast concrete structures Industry and to PCI in the areas of education, research, design, production, quality, erection, marketing, or management. 

To view the Elected 2015 PCI Fellows videos, please click here.     

View List of PCI Fellows

PCI Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is PCI’s most prestigious award. Recipients of the PCI Medal of Honor have made a highly significant contribution to the precast concrete structures industry and have demonstrated a sincere continuing interest in the Institute. 

The 2015 PCI Medal of Honor was awarded to Jim Voss at the 2016 PCI Convention & National Bridge Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  

View List of Medal of Honor Recipients

PCI Titans

PCI Titans of the Industry are dedicated individuals who have had a profound effect on the precast/prestressed concrete industry. These individuals have provided outstanding service over a long period of time to the Industry in any functional area, including education, research, design, production, quality, erection, marketing, and/or management.

Learn more about the PCI Titans Program/View Recipients