Join a Committee

Becoming involved with a PCI Group such as a Council, Committee, subcommittee or task group is very rewarding. This section provides a brief overview of the benefits and process. More detailed information about PCI Groups is available in the PCI Group Operations Manual (GOM)

Why Get Involved?

There are many benefits to joining a PCI Group and becoming involved in the inner workings of PCI. Overall, those involved claim this to be an important, valuable, and rewarding experience. Becoming involved provides the opportunity:

  • to gain knowledge from and build relationships with professionals working in the industry and related fields.
  • for personal and career growth.
  • to learn where the industry is going and the challenges it faces from a more global viewpoint.
  • to discuss common industry problems and find solutions that directly affect industry and industry-related businesses.
  • for leadership development of the employees of PCI members in all membership categories as well as academic institutions.
  • to provide input and influence in the development of PCI’s Body of Knowledge (e.g. future guides, standards, codes, and other PCI publications).

PCI has four basic types of Groups which are described in detail in the PCI Group Operations Manual.

  • Councils
  • Committees
  • Subcommittees
  • Task groups

Classification of Group Membership

There are two classifications of Group membership: Voting and non-voting (corresponding). Voting members are expected to participate in all Group business (e.g. attend meetings, conference calls, and return ballots). Corresponding members may participate when they are able, but do not have a vote in official Group business.

To apply for any Group membership, download and complete the “Committee Application”. General rules about Group membership are explained in the Group Operations Manual. However, each Group may have additional membership and/or balance requirements.

NOTE: Only PCI members may be on PCI Groups, unless invited by the chair of a particular Group.