We’ve revamped our yearly productivity tour and bring to you a totally reinvented experience known as The Tour: a productivity and quality improvement event. Or, THE TOUR!

THE TOUR is to designed stimulate innovation thinking within the precast concrete industry, from the plant floor up. As competing industries strive to improve their processes, it is imperative for the precast industry to maintain a robust continuous improvement process … and we believe the best way to lead the construction industry is to tap into the creative minds engaged in the direct manufacture of precast products.

THE TOUR provides opportunities to interact with industry personnel from all over the country and collaborate on ways to increase productivity, quality, and safety within our companies. This is an opportunity to visit state-of-the-art plants, discuss the innovative things we see, share the innovative solutions in our own plants, and discuss industry leaders the best ways to implement innovation within your production facilities.

Are you maximizing your production capacity? Are you demonstrating improved quality and safety in your production facilities annually? Can you foster a highly innovative culture within your organization? Are you attracting an interactive, next generation workforce? If you answered NO to any of these questions, then you and your team will want to register for THE TOUR 2017 today.

"The PCI Productivity Tours that I’ve attended in the past have offered a great opportunity to get out and see other precast/prestressed plants and products. A tour attendee will get a fresh perspective on production methods, technologies, and processes, in addition to one-on-one and group discussions with other producer members. Adding innovation and culture to the Tour 2017 makes me even more excited to attend!”
Dennis Fink, general manager, Plant Operations, Northeast Prestressed Products LLC

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