Organizational Search PCI Certified Plants

The search function below will help you to find PCI Certified Plants. You can search for plants by the following criteria:

  • Zip code – typically of the project site, returns plants within a 500 mile radius
  • State – returns plant located with the state
  • Certification category – returns plants that are certified in that category. Click here to learn more about PCI Certification categories
  • Product type produced – returns plants that make any of the products selected

You may combine search criteria to narrow your results; however, not all fields are required to perform the search. After you have selected your criteria, simply click FIND to return the results.

Important Notes:

  • Many producers will ship across state boundaries and distances of hundreds of miles from their manufacturing facility. You are encouraged to talk with the company directly to find out if your project is in their service area.
  • Company Names that are in BOLD are PCI Members
  • For information on companies that do not appear on this list please contact or call 312-786-0300.

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