Marine Structures

High Performance Precast Concrete for Marine Projects

Precast concrete systems are used for many different applications related to marine projects, including docks, piers, break walls, and channels, and erosion protection.


Precast is Efficient

Accelerated Construction - Precast concrete is one of the fastest building systems available, essentially unaffected by bad weather, helping meet tight schedules. It is also manufactured offsite minimizing project site disturbance, while maximizing quality.

Reduce Life Cycle Costs – Precast does not rot, rust, degrade in the presence of sunlight or water, or require painting in most applications. Precast concrete systems are very durable and help reduce overall life-cycle costs.

Precast is Resilient

Long Service life - Precast concrete is a very durable material that can provide a service life of 100 years. Precast is manufactured in a controlled environment with a high-degree of quality control and low water-cementitious ratios. This results in high compressive strength concrete with low permeability and provides for long-term durability.

Risk Reduction - Precast concrete construction reduces professional liability risk for design professionals and business risk for owners through its engineering design assist services, reduced detailing and construction trades, and faster erection.

Sustainable Construction – Precast is manufactured offsite reducing negative environmental effects. Precast often contains recycled materials, and can be recycled at the end of its useful service life.

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Precast is Versatile

Structural Versatility – Precast concrete is a structural system that enables designers to integrate structural and architectural reducing materials, detailing, costs, construction complexity and more.

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