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October 2016 PCI Webinar: October 25 or October 27

Efficient Design Assist - Precast Concrete Case Studies

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Presenter: Jim Lewis from PCI

1 Learning Unit/Hour

Course Description

What does design build really mean? How does it work for precast? Designers are teaming with precast concrete industry partners who offer design influence, engineering assistance, cost controls, accelerated occupancy, and construction efficiencies. As precasters are getting more involved in projects, owners, designers, and construction managers are turning to them for innovative solutions. We will feature case studies of iconic structures and define the precaster's role in making projects successful. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of adding precasters to the team earlier in the construction process.
  • Learn the best way to utilize a precaster to assist the project delivery team.
  • Recognize the importance of contracting with team members to ensure that risk is assigned to the proper party.
  • Learn how evolving design roles are shaping the future of the precast concrete industry. 
Presenter Information: As Manager of Architectural Services, Jim Lewis, is responsible for the areas of architecture, productivity, and safety and Ascent magazine.

Before joining PCI, Lewis served as the director of architectural systems for Gate Precast’s six architectural precast concrete manufacturing facilities. In this role, he educated architects, owners, and contractors on sustainable architectural precast concrete systems. He has focused most of his career on architectural facades. In 2015, he was a speaker at the American Institute of Architects National Convention and the Design-Build Institute of America Expo, and has been involved in design assistance consulting roles on numerous large public and private projects throughout the United States.

Lewis is past chairman of PCI’s Sustainability Committee and a longstanding member of the PCI Architectural Committee. He earned his BS in architecture from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va.