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Webinars provide an inexpensive way to stay up-to-date on new materials, products, concepts, and more. PCI's webinars offer a free, convenient way for architects and engineers to obtain continuing education credit from the comfort of their own computers. Our webinars are one-hour long and are designed to fit into your day during your lunch hour. You can listen in and learn on your own, or put us on speaker to train an entire conference room full of your colleagues. The choice is yours.

PCI webinars are presented live each month by industry experts on a variety of topics from design and construction to sustainability and more. Each webinar is presented twice during the webinar week, at noon Pacific (3:00 p.m. Eastern) and noon Eastern. This allows most U.S. time zones to view the presentations during lunch hours.

Building High Performance Educational Facilities

January 26 and 28 2016

Presenter: Peter Finsen
Level: 2 - intermediate


K-12 schools are a vital part of the fabric of our society that directly contribute to what our future will be. These are places where future generations learn more than just math and science, they learn about people, life, and develop key life skills. Today’s schools are more than just buildings, they are interactive learning environments. They are gathering places. They are safe havens for a community. This presentation will discuss recommendations on how to design and build high performance schools, which provide energy efficiency, safety and resiliency, as well as reduce life cycle costs. Aesthetics, acoustics, schedule, and fire protection will also be discussed. Case studies will be used to highlight topics discussed.

Learning Objectives
1. Describe what high performance schools are, and the benefits they offer to students, teachers, and the community
2. Identify key considerations in high performance school design
3. Explain the basic approaches to high performance school design using precast concrete
4. Describe concepts on how to control cost and quality, reduce maintenance, and meet sustainable design goals.

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