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sidney Freedman craftsmanship Awards program

The purpose of the Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Awards program is to recognize PCI certified plants for excellence in manufacturing and craftsmanship of architectural precast (A1 or CA) and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) structures and individual components. Any kind, size, or type of structure and/or element may be entered. 

The Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Awards focus on issues such as forming, overcoming obstacles to production, finishing, and quality of individual architectural precast/prestressed units and GFRC rather than architectural design. In this regard, the Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Awards differ from the Design Awards and Harry H. Edwards industry Advancement Awards, which recognize architectural design and innovation ideas to advance the industry for completed structures and bridges. 

Electronic Entry:  

All required materials for entry including entry forms, written descriptions, shop drawings/tickets and photographs should be copied onto a CD or flash drive. Once complete, the CD or flash drive should be mailed to PCI. 

Project Identification:   

All photographs, shop drawings/tickets, and written descriptions should be void of any verbiage or logos that may cause recognition of the project and/or producer. 

Easy Fill Entry Form:   

Click here for the entry form and instructions. Entries should be accompanied by a written description of the challenging production aspects. 

Digital Photo:   

At least six high resolution photographs in JPEG form should be submitted per entry, in addition to photographs mounted on a single foam board. 

Include photographs of forms (reinforcement, forming techniques, block-outs, etc.) as well as close-ups of details (returns, finishes, etc.). At least one photograph of the architectural precast or GFRC unit should be shown installed as part of the mock-up or as a single unit. 

Shop Drawings/Tickets:   

A maximum of ten shop drawings/tickets in PDF form should be submitted for each entry. 

Judging Criteria:   

Noteworthy craftsmanship including unique, special, difficult forming or unusual products, finishes, or application of architectural precast concrete or GFRC units. 

Past Winners:

Click here to view past winners of the Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Award