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PCI Design Awards

Now in its 55th year, the PCI Design Awards program recognizes design excellence and construction quality using precast concrete.

The program has helped the design and construction community innovate and advance by showcasing ideas that push the envelope, overcome challenges, and improve upon existing concepts. The program demonstrates how designers are continuing to utilize high performance precast/prestressed concrete to achieve sustainable, more cost-effective, aesthetically-pleasing, and quickly-constructed projects.

All winning projects will be showcased at the PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference in 2018, as well as be included in the PCI Design Award Winners periodical supplement which is published in the PCI Journal, Ascent and Aspire magazines. Together these publications reach more than 60,000 industry stakeholders. We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity to showcase your project!

Schedule and Dates:

The annual program begins accepting entries May 8, 2017. Entries may be revised up to September 18, 2017. Specific dates for the current year are listed below.

2018 PCI Design Awards

The 2018 PCI Design Awards submission site is now open.

The 2018 PCI Design Awards submission site will close on September 18, 2017.

A new Special award has been added to the Building subcategory: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Making a Submission

  • All entries are made electronically to the submission site.
  • Projects are entered in one of two primary categories: Building or Transportation. You must select a primary category when you first make a submission.
  • Enter all required submission information. You may save your submission and return to update or complete it anytime before the submission deadline. Note: all required fields, marked with an * must have a value entered in order to save a submission and email addresses must be valid.
  • You must also select the most appropriate subcategory (see lists below). Note: Juries will often consider or move your project into other relevant subcategories.
  • Incomplete submissions will NOT be accepted.
  • We strongly encourage you to review the Guidelines for Submitting document (Buildings or Transportation) before making your entry. These provide examples of submissions as well.

Buildings Subcategories

  • OF - Office
  • RT - Retail
  • ST - Stadiums and Arenas
  • CM - Convention Meeting Facilities
  • TH - Theaters
  • MU - Mixed-Use
  • SC - Schools (K-12)
  • HE - Higher Education/University
  • CO - Justice and Correctional
  • GP - Government and Public Buildings
  • M - Military
  • R - Religious
  • HC - Healthcare/Medical
  • HL - High Tech/Laboratory
  • WD - Warehouse/Storage/Distribution Centers
  • MA - Manufacturing
  • DC - Data Centers
  • SF - Single-family
  • MF - Multi-family
  • HM - Hotels/Motels
  • RA - Retirement/Assisted living
  • PS - Parking structures (all-precast concrete)
  • PS2 - Parking structures (Facade-only)
  • PS3 - Parking structures (Hybrid)
  • ZZ - Custom solutions
  • IB - International Buildings (outside of the U.S. and Canada)

Transportation Subcategories

  • TA - Main span bridge up to 75 feet
  • TB - Main span bridge from 76-149 feet
  • TC - Main span bridge more than 150 feet
  • TD - Rehabilitated bridge
  • TE - Non-highway bridge (pedestrian, bicycle, railroad, etc.)
  • TZ - Transportation Special solution
  • TI - International Transportation Structure (outside of the U.S. and Canada)

Special Awards

Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award

Entrants in the program may also choose to have their projects considered for the Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award. The purpose of this award is to showcase fresh, uninhibited concepts that hold the potential to move the industry to the next generation of technology for industry, materials, products, processes, and applications.

All-Precast Concrete Solution Award

Entrants in the program may also choose to have their project considered for the All-Precast Concrete Solution Award. This award recognizes the structure in which the owner's needs were best achieved by the selection of an essentially all-precast/ prestressed concrete system. This would include the primary structural and envelope systems of the project. It does not require that precast concrete be used for everything (e.g. roofs, cladding may consist of other materials as well as precast, etc.)

Sustainable Design Award

Entrants in the program may also choose to have their projects considered for the Sustainable Design Award. PCI seeks to promote green building and infrastructure, which incorporates environmental considerations in every phase of the process, including design, construction, and operation. The purpose of this award is to encourage the construction of responsible, innovative designs that are sensitive to the environment while meeting the needs of the public, owner, and/or occupants. Buildings need not be LEED certified to qualify.

  1. List all green goals or owner project requirements for this project and a short explanation of how they were achieved.
  2. Submit a short narrative on any green/sustainable modifications to your typical plant processes and procedures that were required for this project.
  3. Provide a breakdown of all LEED points achieved (if applicable) in this project, as well as a short description of any points where precast concrete contributed to the attainment of points.
  4. Describe the sustainable attributes precast concrete added to the project.
  5. Describe any upfront and ongoing collaboration among team members.
  6. List any lessons learned related to working on a green project.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Award

This award is only applicable for building submission

Submitters may also choose to have their project considered for the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Award. This prestigious honor is awarded to a PCI Member for utilizing BIM in their everyday work practices. The Award represents a comprehensive use and implementation of BIM and BIM technology. Submissions should incorporate the use of BIM for 3D CAD coordination and clash detection as well as the use of 3D CAD data for manufacturing and scheduling. Winning entries will demonstrate the highest level of 3D CAD data reuse through project and business management tools in addition to CAD/CAM technologies implemented in the manufacturing and installation environment.

The winner of the BIM Award represents an entry having utilized all the available technological resources to refine the delivery process of a precast, prestressed concrete system.

Please provide the following:

  1. Photos of any of the BIM tools specified as used in the software information
  2. Photos of the production and erection process utilizing CAD/CAM technologies specified as used in the CAD/CAM group
  3. Photos of utilization of Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality
  4. Photos of the completed project

Rules and Eligibility

  • Precast concrete must have been produced by a PCI- or CPCI-Certified precast concrete producer if the project is located in the United States or Canada. To Learn more about PCI Certification Click here .
  • Projects located outside of the United States and Canada must select either the International Buildings or International Transportation subcategory.
  • Projects must have been completed within the last three years (for 2018 entries, no earlier than January 1, 2014).
  • Projects must be substantially constructed of plant-manufactured precast/prestressed concrete (this includes architectural and structural applications) or glass-fiber-reinforced concrete.
  • All measurements should be submitted in U.S. customary units.
  • Projects must have not already received a PCI Design Award. Honorable Mentions may be resubmitted.


All submitters must include a minimum of five photos of the project, and no more than 10 photos. All photos must be submitted electronically. Elevations and closeup photos of finishes are helpful. Construction and fabrication photographs, as well as sections or elevations, are encouraged and can help describe complex issues or scheduling sequences. All photos should have as high a resolution as possible because they will be printed at 300 dpi or higher. This means a resolution of at least 900 x 1200 pixels for a 3 in. by 4 in. photograph. Each photograph should have a caption describing the features shown. There is an entry field for captions under each image upload field on the submission site. The photographs need to be submitted as jpg, tif, or equivalent files. Photographs pasted into Microsoft Word and pdf files cannot be used.

Please remember that photographs are very important, as they are the only visual representation of the projects that the judges will see. They are also important in highlighting aesthetic features, publicizing winners, and featuring non-winning projects in subsequent venues.

Judging and Awards

Submissions are judged by independent juries of industry experts who consider creativity and ingenuity in the use of precast concrete to achieve aesthetic expression, function, economy, and sustainability; and recognized excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing, and erecting. Separate juries evaluate buildings, transportation, special awards, and BIM awards.

Because of the broad diversity and the nature of challenges presented to architects and engineers, no first-place awards are made. All awards express equivalent recognition at a high level of excellence. There will not necessarily be an award in each category, and furthermore, there may be co-winners or honorable mentions in certain categories. In special cases, PCI has the option to create ad-hoc categories based on the projects submitted.


Because the purpose of the program is to encourage new and advanced architectural and engineering approaches in the use of precast concrete systems, PCI and PCI Regional affiliates shall have the right to publish all photographs, names of any and all entrants, and projects submitted to the program without compensation. Each entrant assumes responsibility for material submitted. All entrants must complete a photo permission form for each photographer. Entries without completed forms will be disqualified. All submissions become property of PCI.